Beaverbottom Dough



• Water – 125 ml (Warm – 110°F)

• Dry yeast – 25 ml (or 50 ml fresh yeast) by volume

• White sugar – Pinch

• 2% Milk – 250 ml

• White sugar – 85 ml (By volume)

• Salt – 8 g

• Vanilla Extract – 5 ml

• Whole Eggs - 3

• Vegetable Oil – 85 ml

• Whole Wheat Flour – 1250 ml (By volume)



1. Mix the warm water, yeast and pinch of sugar in a bowl and let stand until yeast begins to foam and form a creamy layer.

2. Combine the 85 ml of white sugar, salt, vanilla extract, eggs and vegetable oil.  Stir into the activated yeast until the sugar is dissolved.

3. Add approximately half the whole wheat flour in stages and gently mix until a homogenous dough forms.  Knead for approximately 10 minutes.  Form the dough into a ball and place into an oiled bowl and cover.  Allow to rest in a warm area.

4. Let rise until doubled in size, then punch down.  Using a bench scraper, slice the dough into 50 gram portions.  Roll the dough out into oval shapes, approximately ¼” thick.

5. Heat oil in a thick bottomed pot (or deep fryer) to 375°F.  Gently lower the formed dough into the oil and fry until golden brown, approximately 1-2 minutes per side.  Once cooked, set into a vessel lined with paper towel to eliminate excess oil.  Season with salt and pepper.



Wild Boar Rillette - Cure



• Wild Boar Shoulder – 10 KG – Fat trimmed, reserved

   to render

• Brown Sugar – 500 g

• Kosher Salt – 500 G

• Juniper Berry – 30 G – muddled

• Thyme – 1 bunch, trimmed

• Rosemary – ½ bunch, trimmed

• Whole Peppercorn – 20 G

• Bay Leaf – 4 each, crushed

• Garlic cloves – 30 G – crushed





Wild Boar Rillette - Cure continued



1. Combine all curing ingredients and mix well.  Run the boar shoulder well with the cure, place on a resting rack in a hotel pan and cover.  Allow to cure overnight.


Wild Boar – Process


• Pork fat – 5 KG

• Wild boar fat – rendered from the shoulder fat



1. Gently rinse off cure from shoulder.  Combine pork fat and rendered boar fat in a pot and bring to 170°F over low heat.

2. In a deep hotel pan, place the cured shoulder in the pan and pour the warm fat over the shoulder, ensuring it is completely covered.  Cover the pan with foil and place into a preheated oven at 300°F, low fan.  Confit for up to 6 hours, ensuring the fat does not boil.

3. The shoulder is done when it is tender to the touch.  When at this stage, gently remove from fat and reserve chilled.

4. Smoke the boar shoulder for 1 hour using maple chips.

5. Pull boar meat and place in large mixing bowl, add sweated shallots and thyme, add room temperature pork fat until desired consistency, do not over mix. Rillette should have texture but not large pieces of meat.


Cranberry Compote



• Fresh or frozen cranberries – 400G, rinsed

• Maple syrup – 200 ml

• Dried cranberries – 300 G

• Golden brown sugar – 120 G

• Lemon – 1 each – zest and juice

• Thyme – 1 sprig – picked and chopped finely



1. Combine all ingredients in a thick-bottomed pot.  If using fresh cranberries, add 100 ml of water.  Over low-medium heat, gently reduce the mixture, approximately 15 minutes, or until mixture thick.

2. Cool and reserve.






Beaverbottom Dough


• Water

• Dry yeast

• White sugar

• 2% Milk

• White sugar

• Salt

• Vanilla Extract

• Whole Eggs

• Vegetable Oil

• Whole Wheat Flour



Wild Boar Rillette - Cure


• Wild Boar Shoulder

• Brown Sugar

• Kosher Salt

• Juniper Berry

• Thyme

• Rosemary

• Whole Peppercorn

• Bay Leaf

• Garlic cloves



Wild Boar – Process


• Pork fat

• Wild boar fat

rendered from the shoulder fat



Cranberry Compote


• Fresh or frozen cranberries

• Maple syrup

• Dried cranberries

• Golden brown sugar

• Lemon zest and juice

• Thyme




Executive Chef Stephen La Salle